Join Us for Lewis Arboretum Grand Opening

The Luther Parrott Trail brings the public up close to the flora of the Arboretum, both native to Florida and exotic. Click to download a large version of this flyer.

On February 23, 3013, at 9 am, we will celebrate the opening of the trails and facilities at the Lewis Arboretum. In partnership with the Park Foundation's Trek Ten Trails program, Green Horizon will welcome the public to explore the hiking trails and see the wonders of the arboretum.

In March, 2011, Green Horizon Land Trust accepted the donation of a 42-acre parcel containing a mix of native and exotic ornamental plants reflecting Polk County's horticultural heritage. On February 18, 2013 the gates will open for the public. The property now hosts a community park with a 1.4 mile trail named in honor of Luther Parrott, past executive director of Green Horizons, picnic facilities. Read more about the Lewis Arboretum.