The character of the central Florida landscape is influenced by soil, elevation, weather, but most of all humankind. How we interact with our remaining open spaces will have ramifications for all residents.

Green Horizon Land Trust is proud of its accomplishments to-date and looks to a future where further connections can be made within central Florida's greenways. We look forward to helping more landowners place their lands in preservation status; we look forward to increasing our partnerships with individuals and organizations that care about Florida's landscapes and habitats.

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On our "acquired" page you can find out more about those properties in our care, and those that have been transferred to their permanent stewards, mainly state, county, and local governmental entities.

On our "awards" page you'll meet some local heroes—these individuals are recognized for their passion and ceaseless endeavors on behalf of Florida, they are difference-makers, mentors and shining examples.

You can help us add to this list of accomplishment through your support. Give generously in honor of what Florida has given you and your family, and help preserve its magic for the generations to come.